SP 3 - Hecht Nicole


2018               The Robert Mathys Price at the eCM XVIII: Cartilage & Disc: Repair and Regeneration 

                        Best Student Oral Presentation

2018               Wilhelm-Roux-Price - Sektion für Grundlagenforschung DGOU e.V. 

                        Best Oral Presentation Award  




SP 4 - Muschter Dominique


2019               Annual Meeting of the German Society for Matrix Biology, Regensburg, Germany

                        Poster Price



SP 5 - Taheri Shahed


2018               GyMIC Molecular Imaging Symposium, Göttingen, Germany

                                Best Poster award 



SP 6 - Babak Moradi


2018               Wilhelm-Roux Preis der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie

2018               Arthur-Vick Preis der Deutschen Gesellschaft für rheumatologische Orthopädie




SP 7 - Johnstone Brian


2016               Inducted as “Fellow of International Orthopaedic Research” in inaugural class of the ICORS College of Fellows

2017               Received “The Marshall R. Urist Award” from Orthopaedic Research Society/Journal of Orthopaedic Research

2018               Elected “Orthopaedic Research Society Fellow” in inaugural FORS class




SP 8 - Jenei-Lanzl Zsuzsa


2017              DKOU 2017, Berlin, Sektion für Grundlagenforschung,

                       Poster Price