Gender Equality

Toys and Childcare

ExCarBon could support new toys (different card and board games and a new ball pool) for the Regensburg University Hospital Child Care where children of employees are hosted full days and also during school and kita holidays. This concept facilitate parents to combine flexible work times which is mandatory in science with their family life.


Pressemitteilung "Kinderbetreuung großgeschrieben"

Emergency Care for Kids

ExCarBon provided financial support for organizing private or on-site child care when seminars or events take place outside of the regular day care hours.

Coaching/Mentoring for Female Scientists

ExCarBon offered financial support for women to attend special mentoring programs which offer advice and support during all stages of career development for women in natural science.

Support of participation of Dr. Dominique Muschter in workshop: “Coaching for female scientist in DFG-Research Consortia". This workshop was an all-day event including an individual session with the coach (20.02.2017).


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