ExCarBon Meetings

Progress Report Meetings of the Research Consortium


The annual ExCarBon meetings are dedicated to discuss and present progress reports of all subprojects. Only ExCarBon PIs and projects associated researchers (PostDocs and Ph.D. students) and the mercator fellow Brian Johnstone participate in these meetings. Usually the meetings last 2 half days with a common dinner the first evening.


Meeting schedule:


1.      Kick off Meeting at the University of Regensburg (Grässel) the 26th of April 2016

2.      Meeting at the University of Heidelberg, (Richter) the 14th/15th of February 2017

3.      Meeting at the LMU Munich (Aszodi) the 1st/2nd of March 2018

4.      Meeting at the University Essen-Duisburg (Vortkamp) the 7th/8th of February 2019





ExCarBon Summer School

3rd ExCarBon Summer School in 2019

2nd ExCarBon Summer School in 2018

The second summer school of the research group ExCarBon took place from July 13th to 14th of 2018 in Frankfurt am Main at the Orthopedic University Hospital Friedrichsheim. Just like the year before, mature results, work in progress as well as occurring problems were presented and discussed in detail. more

1st ExCarBon Summer School in 2017

From July 28th to 29th of 2017, the research group ExCarBon hosted its first Summer School in Regensburg intending to gather all researchers involved. The primary aim of this summer school was the presentation and discussion of latest research results and any occurring problems in the context of the ExCarBon projects. more