We offer bi-annual progress report and seminar rounds which are related to the ExCarBon research topics. Researchers who are involved in ExCarBon projects will have the opportunity to present their data.

Seminars 2021

Date Presenter Title

Sabine Stöckl (Ortho)

Substance P and Alpha-Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide Differentially Affect Human Osteoarthritic and Healthy Chondrocytes

Sara Steinmann (UCH)

Daniela Schulz (MKG)


Jonas Eichberger (MKG)

Silvia Petschl (Ortho)


Nils Ludwig (MKG)

Gongteng Wang (UCH)


Manuel Delgado Cáceres (UCH)

Tenomodulin involvement in tendon repair: Achilles tendon injury in Tenomodulin-deficient and wilt type mice

Theresia Stich (UCH)

MATEGRA: Enhanced porous biomaterials for improved osteointegration of implants
27.05.2021 Laura Feulner (MKG)
Daniel Froschhammer (MKG)
10.06.2021 Sabine Stöckl (Ortho)  Role of the sensory nervous system in osteoarthritis pathology
Francisca Alagboso (UCH)  
24.06.2021 Girish Pattappa (UCH)  
Theresia Stich (UCH) MATEGRA: Enhanced porous biomaterials for improved osteointegration of implants
08.07.2021 Jin Chu (UCH)
Chenglong Wang (Ortho)
15.07.2021 Lia Mogge (Ortho)
Gopala Krishna Mannala (UCH)
22.07.2021 Gongteng Wang (UCH)
Daniela Schulz (MKG)

Jonas Eichberger (MKG)

Nils Ludwig (MKG)

Summer Break
07.10.2021 Patrick Pann (Ortho) Excarbon: Role of the Sensory Nervous System in Subchondral Bone Remodeling and Synovial Inflammation in OA Pathology
Daniela Schulz (MKG) Regulation and Function of PD-L1 in HNSCC - Seminar topic: PD-L1 expression during cell cycle progression
21.10.2021 Nicole Schäfer (Ortho) Role of α-MSH in senescence/ageing of cartilage

Prof. Markus Böhm

(University Münster)

Role of α-melanocyte-stimulating-hormone in senescence/aging of skin
04.11.2021 Hannah Köck (Ortho) Infiltration of hydrogel in osteoarthritic cartilage samples
Sabine Stöckl (Ortho) Intraarticular injection of SP or alphaCGRP-expressing mesenchymal stem cells in DMM-induced OA mice
18.11.2021 Girish Pattappa (UCH) MEFISTO: Functionalisation of meniscus scaffolds to meniscus repair
Korbinian Hofmann (Ortho) Effects of „neurogenic primed“ human BMSC derived extracellular vesicles (EVs) on OA chondrocyte metabolism
02.12.2021 Chenglong Wang (Ortho) Effects of human osteogenic differentiated bone marrow stromal cells derived extracellular vesicles on osteogenesis and adipogenesis
Theresia Stich (UCH) MATEGRA: advanced functionalized biomaterials for improved osteointegration of implants
16.12.2021 Gongteng Wang (UCH) Bone remodeling following staged debridement surgery combined with local antibiotic therapy in human chronic osteomyelitis
Gopala Krishna Mannala (UCH) Galleria mellonella as model to study fungal mediated implant bone infections